Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mixing Colors and Prints

Happy Sunday!  :-)  I hope you all have a wonderful day planned ahead of you.  My husband and I will be going to church, grocery shopping, and vegging.  I have some homework that I have to do, and I'm sure that I will get a little bit of baking done, too!  ;-)

Mixing colors and prints.  One of my favorite parts of decorating, truly.  I am still refining my skills at this, and I will admit to making several big color/print mistakes around our home; but this remains one of my favorite processes.  I love eclectic spaces, mostly for their boldness in colors, prints, and accessories.  I am always fascinated when I look at rooms or homes and I see that there definitely is a method to its patterned scheme, and there is a real color story lying there in the midst of the abundance.

Like I said, I am still working on this.  At this point, it is difficult for me to really gauge if a color is going to work until I try it on for size.  Sometimes I'm wrong about it, sometimes I'm right.  But this is an element that I am hoping to become better and better at over time, using both my designer's intuition, and by paying attention to a room's true color story and making good decorating judgments based on what I know to be true.

In the meantime, I am free to dream...

Do you like this design style, or are you more of a neutral decorator?



  1. All of these images are beautiful, but I definitely love the photos of the two dining rooms the best (definitely because those are two color palettes I adore). I'm still working on using more pattern -- because I tend toward simplicity, I have to make an effort to find things with patterns. I'm working on my home office now, which has charcoal walls, so I'll definitely be needing some light accents to brighten it up!

  2. I'm really getting to the clean white/light beige/taupe look with lots of pops of color. I really like the first photo above :)