Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Ways to Decorate with Gourds

Can you believe that we are now into November?  Crazytown, I tell ya!  I have some ideas for you today if you are interested in the gourd department...  I know I am!  For me, the more imperfect, the better!  I love me a bumpy gourd, yes I do.  What about you?

5 Ways to Decorate with Gourds

Arrange the gourds in some sort of container (think: a basket, wheelbarrow, or atop a bench) in an artful way -- I love the colorful look of this display, but an ombre selection or even an all-white arrangement would look lovely!

Set them on your coffee table, with books and a vase full of wheat or another neutral type of flower.

Place the gourds in glasses or atop hurricanes on your windowsill.  A lovely sight if you have them in your kitchen!

This is pretty much my go-to method for decorating with gourds from the farmers market -- sitting on top of candlesticks!  I love this look -- and there are so many types of candlesticks out there, this could either be super traditional or really funky and modern.

Set the gourds up in a bowl or another type of dish -- this would look lovely as a centerpiece for your Fall table!

What other ideas do you have for decorating with gourds this time of year?  What are your go-to's?


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