Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No-Fuss Candle Centerpiece

Happy Wednesday!  This week is flying by for me -- is it for you, too?  I'm really looking forward to this weekend -- my husband and I are going to take a day trip up North to enjoy the cooler weather and do some antiquing.  I can't wait!  :-)

This past weekend, I was at Target, and I found the coolest thing!  A table runner...made of out sticks.  I'm not joking, people -- it was love at first sight.  At the particular Target I was at, they only had one left.  One left!  Talk about a moment of decision-making at its finest.  ;-)

Long story (not really) short, I brought it home with me.  I laid it across our table, and then began my favorite process of zhushing to figure out what this centerpiece was going to look like.

I really like the way it turned out.  Simple, not fussy in the slightest, and pretty to look at.  I grabbed a pretty glass cake stand from my collection, placed two red (Target) candlesticks on top, and two vintage white candlesticks on either side.  The white ones have been passed down to me -- they were my great-grandmother's!

Take a look at that stick runner.  It's just fun, right?  And it adds a nice textural element to our table.  

And, of course, my favorite thing about taper candles?  The drippy look!


Have you scored any great Target finds lately?  


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